2016-2020   Associate Researcher, Interdisciplinary Center of Neuroscience Valparaiso CINV.

2016-2018       Principal Investigator. FONIS Grant Nº Sa16i0003 “Evaluation of Polymorphisms as Biomarkers in Refractory Epilepsy in the Neurology Unit at Hospital Carlos Van Buren”

2015-2017       Deputy Director. Núcleo Milenio NuMIND, Neurobiology of Neuropsychiatric Disorders, MINECOM Chile GRANT Nº NC130011.

2014-2017       Principal Investigator. FONDECYT Regular Grant Nº 1141272 “Generation and functional characterization of mice with altered expression of EAAT3: a model for obsessive-compulsive disorder”.

2016-2017       Co-Investigator. FONDECYT Regular Grant Nº 1160398 “Neonatal Programming: Sex Hormones Excess Disrupts Midbrain Dopamine Function in The Adulthood”